come here, let's dance!
hello there! isa | brazilian
penguins and canadiens are my favorites.


it’s game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, 2015. Against all odds, it is a match up between the Washington Capitals and the Dallas Stars. The puck is dropped, but nobody moves, until the two captains skate to the center of the ice. The lights darken, and they drop their sticks. Two microphones descend from the ceiling. Alexander Ovechkin and Jamie Benn share a look. Their moment has come. They will settle this fight over the Stanley Cup with a rap battle

"What’s your favorite part of Valentine’s Day?"


Tyler Toffoli on the phone with his dad after winning the Stanley Cup x

patrick sharp greeting his adoring fans (◕‿◕✿)

lu delivers on the souvenirs from sochi, as promised (◡‿◡✿)


The NHL + moodboard {insp.}

 happy birthday harry!

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